A series of conversational workshops designed to offer support and empowerment in direct response to the difficulty's families and individuals are facing due to the current socio-economic situation.

  • Finance 

This workshop will focus on how families have been impacted financially by the pandemic. What action can be taken by individuals? What support is available for families or individuals?

  • Career 

This workshop will focus on HR based information such as employee rights, furlough issues.

What options are there for changes in career? What support is available should you wish to change careers?

  • Education

Worried about lack of homeschooling support? Don’t want to send your children back? Want to send your children back; what are your rights? What are your options. Homeschooling tips from a teacher and a homeschooler.

  • Well-being

Are you worried about your or your children’s mental health? What practical steps can you take to protect you and your family's well-being?

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